Wanderlust - tastefully interpreted

Nestled on the banks of idyllic Lake Leopoldskron, between Salzburg’s time-honoured, historic fortress and its scenic mountain landscape, the exotic-modern Marchhart's Restaurant and its glorious view now radiate a new brilliance.

As soon as you walk into Marchhart's, an extraordinarily welcoming atmosphere unfolds. Surrounded by beautifully-set tables, an inviting bar extends into the heart of this culinary temple. The hosts Karoline and Christoph Marchhart wholeheartedly focus on creativity and the unconventional. They’ve intentionally reduced their menu to three words: Thai – Fish – Steak. "To me, a state of standstill is the worst," says the chef. That's why the team uses their winter breaks to travel, seeking inspiration during their journeys, where Christoph can sometimes be found cooking at the local markets with the natives.

Straightaway, they pack up the herbs they find – no flavour enhancers, no glutamate – bringing back 100% authenticity. Back in Salzburg, the farmers in the nearby Allgäu Alps provide the restaurant’s fresh, butter-soft and "special cut" flat iron steaks. During the summer, the restaurant’s sun terrace beckons, offering a scenic view of Salzburg that is second to none.

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FISH. Little delights on a hook.

THAI. The exotic world of good taste.

STEAK. Pure carnality.




STEAK DONENESS LEVELS. Medium – the Lingua Franca of Gourmets.

STEAK DONENESS LEVELS. Well done - the Lingua Franca of Gourmets.


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