STEAK. Pure carnality.

Yeah okay, of course size matters.  But let's be honest:  it’s quality that really counts. Our steaks are large AND good. We also serve delicious Tomahawk ca. 1.200g to customers who pre-order it or when it’s our daily special.

In addition to their excellent, organic quality, there is something else that makes the steaks in Marchharts so special: our lava stone grill. It gets extremely hot and gives meat a charcoal-grilled aroma – but it makes it more easily digestible and healthier for you. Whatever you want: whether it’s a fillet or a rib eye, rump steak or a lady’s steak - we put it on your plate freshly grilled, along with savoury stir-fried vegetables.

In addition, the Marchharts Restaurant serves steak-speciality cuts such as the Flat Iron. Of course you can order your steak to the level of doneness you desire as well. And then? Dig in! Enjoy your meal!
Serving from 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm, kitchen until 9.15 pm
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